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A Different Approach to Sales Recruitment and Training

Furza is taking a different approach to graduate sales recruitment.

Their in-depth, three-month training academy is designed to quickly upskill graduate sales talent identified for clients and deliver competent, capable, and results-driven salespeople directly into their businesses, ready to contribute immediately to targets and growth plans.

The graduates receive a comprehensive training experience endorsed by the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP) that equips them with the knowledge, skills and resilience needed to succeed in the world of B2B sales and make an immediate impact with their new employer.

Quickly Build Outbound Capability – Accelerate Outcomes

Clients use Furza to recruit graduate sales talent into their existing teams or to quickly build a new outbound function from the ground up.

This approach helps to reduce the risks and costs associated with internal recruitment and training, with the team at Furza helping clients to select high-potential candidates at a bespoke assessment day and then developing them throughout the 3-month sales academy.

During the training, graduates spend their time between the Furza training centre and their new employer, integrating with their new colleagues and training with bespoke material tailored around their roles, graduating with bespoke sales playbooks, designed to support the KPIs of their roles and the client’s business.


Supporting a Fresh Take on Recruitment

The management team at Furza had many years of experience in graduate recruitment and sales training but needed investment to help realise their ambition to bring these two disciplines together in a new business.

Furza represents a departure from the types of business that MonacoSol usually invests in, but the team felt that Furza's take on sales recruitment had significant merit and represented a real opportunity for growth.

MonacoSol CEO, Ollie Beaton

“Having recruited sales graduates during my time as CEO of Secura, I understand how important a quality sales function is to a business looking to scale and grow, and we felt that the tailored, nurturing approach that Furza was proposing was something that would have huge appeal in the market, where hiring quality candidates and training them to the right standard can be time-consuming and costly if mistakes are made.”

James Hornsby
Furza Managing Director, James Hornsby

We felt that our idea for a business that delivered an end-to-end graduate recruitment and training service for clients in B2B was something that would add real value, but we needed help to bring it to life.

The team at MonacoSol not only supported us with the investment we needed for Furza, but they also helped us to identify and recruit key hires, secure appropriate office space and build out our long-term strategic plan for growing the business.

To be able to call on a wide range of knowledge, expertise, and connections has been of enormous benefit to us.

Furza Stats

Support from MonacoSol has helped Furza to quickly establish the business, win key clients and grow quickly.

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